Big Step Towards Carbon Neutral

WE ARE KEEPING OUR PROMISES As a signatory to the Climate Action Leaders in Travel Pledge of the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association), and Tourism Declares Climate Emergency in July 2020Hike and Sail announced our Climate Emergency Plan…
reduce carbon footprint

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint of Your Travels

We are currently battling a terrible global crisis. Over the past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken millions of lives, shut down tourism, and threatened the livelihoods of countless people. Though COVID-19 is front of mind right now,…

Climate Emergency Plan

Hike'n Sail Turkey has signed the Climate Action Leaders in Travel Pledge at ATWS (Adventure Travel World Summit in Sweden in September 2019 and Declared a Climate Emergency. Below is our Climate Emergency Plan, which we will be working to…

We Declare a Climate Emergency

Hike’n Sail Turkey was founded in 1997 and acts as an inbound tour operator for trips combining culture, nature, and activities such as hiking, sailing, botanizing, sea-kayaking, wine & food tasting. We are a small company, but we believe…