Climate Emergency Plan

Hike'n Sail Turkey has signed the Climate Action Leaders in Travel Pledge at ATWS (Adventure Travel World Summit in Sweden in September 2019 and Declared a Climate Emergency. Below is our Climate Emergency Plan, which we will be working to accomplish.



We will measure the carbon footprint of our office and each of our itineraries and be transparent about it.



We will take measures to reduce the carbon footprint in our office work, itineraries, and our personal lives.

Introduce new itineraries with no or fewer flights.

Encourage the clients for localized experiences, as opposed to seeing all the highlights of the country covering long distances. “Travel Less Distance Experience More”.

We are encouraging our clients to bring their own water bottles. We will make sure that we provide drinking water in a large container for our clients for refills on every trip.

Choose restaurants and hotels which are giving up single-use plastics. Educate our suppliers in order to do reduce the use of plastics and recycle.



We are using Ecosia Web Browser on our computers. We are going to encourage our staff, and others to do so.

We will avoid printing at all unless it is very very necessary and uses only recycled paper.

We are climate activists ourselves. We will encourage and support guides and the entire travel industry to participate in climate action at higher levels.



We will document and record local stories relating to the climate crisis.

We will facilitate clients being able to learn more about the issues facing the country they are exploring, and being able to give something back through the support of local charitable organizations and projects.

We will provide advice and tips on how to be a more climate-friendly traveler when in the destination.

We will include information about how to reduce emissions.

We will share what you learn about addressing the climate crisis with your local community.

For all the information & communication-related work, we will use our company website to share with the local and international community ( & our blog (



We will encourage and enable current suppliers to adopt climate-friendly practices, and include such criteria when choosing new ones by sending them periodical bulletins.

We will encourage suppliers and partners to make their own declaration

We will be open to connecting with other Tourism Declares partners to share the best practices.

We will be open-minded to revisit our policies and practices for their validity and effectiveness.

We will collaborate with local and international NGOs to take action, spread the word, and train the staff and the public.



We will always end up with a certain level of carbon footprint which we can not avoid. In this case, we will compensate this by participating in carbon-neutral programs and support the conservation and rewilding projects.


Hike'n Sail Turkey

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