Climate Action Leaders in Travel Pledge

Climate Action Leaders in Travel Pledge

I pledge to take climate action seriously and take meaningful steps towards reducing travel’s contribution to global emissions. Through this pledge, I commit to better understand the carbon footprint associated with my travel business – which includes direct and indirect contributions – and encourage the same for businesses with whom I interact.

I will explore opportunities to reduce our direct carbon footprint through the following channels:

Changing operational processes. I will learn about the most carbon-intensive aspects of our business operations. I will explore innovative practices and alternative options to reduce the footprint of our daily operations. These may include energy usage, single-use plastics, materials used in business development, or others.

I pledge to change operational processes.

Re-evaluating food supply chains. I will better understand the footprint associated with the food we offer as part of our business. I will identify pathways to source locally, reduce meat consumption, and eliminate food waste.

I pledge to re-evaluate food supply chains.

Offsetting emissions. I will measure emissions generated by the daily operations of our business, and offset our carbon footprint in full or in part as I am able.

I pledge to offset emissions.

I will explore opportunities to reduce our indirect carbon footprint through the following channels:

Limiting the reliance on carbon-intensive transport. I take responsibility for the travel needs of our target markets, particularly of long-haul air travel. I support transitions to low-carbon transport development such as trains, where possible.

I pledge to limit reliance on carbon-intensive transport.

Taking action beyond offsetting. I recognize I play a part in a global system that is operating beyond its carbon capacity. I will do what I can to go beyond offsetting and contribute to carbon removal through Direct Air Capture.

I pledge to take action beyond offsetting.

Re-evaluating material supply chains. I will analyze the supply chains of all materials that we use for our business operations, including outdoor equipment and single-use materials. I will extend this knowledge when advising travelers on their travel supplies.

I pledge to re-evaluate material supply chains.

I will take extra steps to extend and amplify my individual impact:

Taking responsibility for traveler impacts. I will take responsibility for the emissions of my travelers either through offsetting or removal.

I pledge to take responsibility for traveler impacts.

Doing more than just my share. I will go beyond addressing the impacts of my organization’s emissions and strive to be carbon positive through carbon offsetting and removal at a minimum of 2x the carbon impact of my business.

I pledge to do more than just my share.

Educating travelers. I will take every opportunity to build awareness for the potential for personal transformation to benefit climate change with travelers, engaging them with ideas and opportunities for positive action.

I pledge to educate travelers.

I pledge to address the commitments I have made here by Sep 20, 2019.


I will actively participate in the Climate Action Leaders in the Travel community, both to provide support and gain inspiration for climate action pathways. I will share this knowledge openly for the purpose of catalyzing climate action. I endeavor to educate travelers on their carbon footprint associated with their journey.

Through this pledge, I commit to actions that will reduce the travel industry’s contribution to global emissions.

Signed by Alper Ertübey, Hike’N Sail

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