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I started to lead trekking trips to Mount Ararat and the Kackar Mountains in the 80s. This became the reason to give up my engineering career. I decided to become a certified professional guide. Following this, I started my own travel company called Hike’n Sail in Turkey in the 90s. In 2001 I had the opportunity to participate in bio-diversity training programs in Kackar National Park and the Termessos National Park. These were life-changing experiences, where I had the honor of meeting some of the most prestigious scientists of Turkey, such as Prof. Ali Demirsoy, Prof. Tuna Ekim, Prof. Sancar Ozaner, Ass. Prof. Oğuz Kurdoğlu, and others. This is how my ambition for wildflower photography began. Later, on the business side, my company started to organize trips for the Alpine Garden Society. This time I had the chance to travel with the experts and members of this prestigious organization and I learned a great deal from them, in particular from Bob & Rannveig Wallis who are now very good friends of mine. On this website, I have the joy to share my wildflower photos with other flora enthusiasts and friends. 

​I love being out in nature, at high altitudes, away from the madding crowds and the worries. Our egocentric lifestyle creates the delusion that everything in-universe is created for human beings. What a tragic mistake. Understanding biodiversity is a great way of understanding life and one’s place and role in the universe. ​

We need to understand and embrace and preserve our ecosystem more than ever. Otherwise, this will be a final countdown to our civilization and ecological meltdown will be inevitable.

I believe we should learn more, share more and live responsibly, travel responsibly, and join the eco-struggle.

Please enjoy this site, feel free to share, and leave your comments.

Alper Ertübey

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