It Was In March

The place and the time that I am in my element.

Turkey has a wealth of flora and fauna that has occupied this land since the beginning of time. Diverse climates across the Anatolian, Mediterranean, and Black Sea zones have given Turkey high biodiversity. ⁠Anywhere you look, in a country with such natural diversity as Turkey, you can become acquainted with plants and flowers you’ve never seen before.⁠ Wildflowers, in particular, are plentiful and they just pop up in open space. Whether you’re a botanist, a photographer, or simply someone who appreciates pretty flowers like me the adventure is endless.

One of the roadside picnic spots.

It was in March when my husband’s friends from the Alpine Garden Society came on a tour to explore some flowers that are in blossom at that time of the year and in certain areas of Turkey. I had the luck to have the opportunity to join them in this adventure I would never imagine I would do. It was a short trip of 4 days out of Istanbul, to Uludag, a famous ski center in Turkey. 

Feeding the tree

My favorite dish in Bursa.

There was not much snow at Uludağ this time and it was very quiet but the weather was crisp and the scenery was spectacular. Alper was so busy with taking flower picture so we don’t have of the scenery. Uludağ is in Bursa Province, which has been the 1st capital of the Ottomans and the birthplace of İskender Kebap. Before we continued to Eskişehir, Alper took us to the best place to eat the famous İskender Kebap.

The dish which make your mouth water.

İskender Kebap

Fritillaria sp.

In Eskisehir we met Arda Takan. Arda is a very nice young man, an engineer, and a flora enthusiast and he met Bob and Rannweig online where they shared their passion for the wildflowers. Arda showed us around, took us to his favorite spot to see the most beautiful flowers and specie of Fritillary which excited Bob & Rannveig a lot. At the end of this awesome day, we went for a fantastic dinner in Eskişehir downtown, which is a very lively and charming place.


Abant Lake Nature Park

In Abant, we stayed at a beautiful hotel surrounded by the forest, comfortable and cozy rooms with fireplaces and of course next morning enjoy a delicious and abundant Turkish breakfast, perfect to recharge energy to continue the hiking. 


Alper is in heaven

Besides Abant being my favorite, the entire trip, the weather was perfect; it wasn’t too hot and humid which made the hiking a very pleasant one.  Every sighting was a joy, every flower had its own space, they were there all together like in an enchanted forest. Alper was taking beautiful pictures of every one of them and the setting couldn’t be better.

A few times we made some stops in the dark old forests to have a picnic and to admire the view. These short breaks provided a great opportunity for pleasant conversations and made me appreciate how enjoyable it is to be in nature. 

Galanthus (Snowdrop) was only one of the beauties of the day.

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