Weekend of Wine Tasting & Wild Greens Festival

When you come to Turkey, you are ready to see the most impressive scenery, learn about its magnificent history, plan a sailing trip along the beautiful turquoise coast, and of course, indulge yourself with the famous Turkish cuisine and the uncountable delicacies that you can find all around the country.

But, you may not think of Turkey as a wine country, well, you will be surprised to discover that in fact, Turkey is a wine-producing country. In fact, there are several wine routes that will take you through interesting parts of the country, the most popular ones are the Thrace and Urla wine routes both go through beautiful landscapes, impressive ancient sites and of course, in between, you can stop to visit the wineries and enjoy a sample of their local produce.

Festival Ground

I remember when I had just moved to Turkey, my husband decided to organize a weekend tour with some of his friends to visit the Urla wine route and pair it with the Wild Greens & Herbs Festival in Alaçatı. This festival is the biggest event of the year in town; this beautiful Aegean village fills with people, live music, and food vendors. It is actually a way to celebrate and welcome spring.

Green Market

That weekend we arrived at Alaçatı, enjoy the festivities tried different dishes and interesting preparations that some of them were new to me, coming from an Andean country which has very different produce than an Aegean area. It was fantastic! We spent the first day around, visiting some beautiful cafés, and at the end of the day, we went to our hotel in Urla to start fresh the next day and go to the Urla wineries. The next morning we started our day early; enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our hotel, and set off for another day of adventure.

Urlice Winery

Urla Wine Route

When we arrived at one of the wineries, it was almost like visiting a friend’s house. You walk into an open tasting room; you get a little tour around and taste their wines. In the end, we sat outdoors overlooking their magnificent wine crops; it was a very relaxing moment.

By the end of the day, we headed to an ancient site located in the area; and Alper shared all his knowledge and interesting facts about the place.

All in all, this was a fantastic, fun-filled weekend with wine tasting and authentic Turkish experience that is worth repeating.


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