10 Best Places To See In Turkey

Turkey has 100.000 historic spots. Only a few of them have popularity. Many others are still waiting to be discovered.

My list will be Ephesus & ...

Majestic Ephesus

There is not much say about Ephesus. One of the most important and biggest cities of the Roman Era. Excavated for more than 100 years to give you a 3-dimensional, real-life experience of an ancient city. You also find the Basilica Of St. John, House of Virgin Margin, Temple Of Artemis and charming villages, farmer's markets, authentic accommodation in Ephesus area.


This is one of my favorite places in the whole world. In Termessos, you can combine a 5K hike in a biodiversity hotspot with a visit to an ancient city sitting like a falcon crest on top of the Taurus Mountains just like Machu Pichu.

Kekova Sound

A magical spot in Southern Turkey. You can access to this area only by sea and hike, snorkel, and kayak over sunken ancient ruins and sip a glass wine on top of the acropolis, which later became a fortress for the Crusaders.


Erythrae was one of the 12 Ionian cities in Western Turkey. It was famous for wine, milestones, goats, and female oracles.  Platon the philosopher has said that the most beautiful sunset is seen from Erythrai. This remote, untouched beauty is easily accessed from İzmir.


Pergamon is built on a steep hill looking over the fertile Aegean plains and the center of the strong and influential kingdom known with the same name. The trick about enjoying this magnificent capital is to go beyond the regular tours and spend about a half-day in the grounds. 


Pınara is one of the 6 major cities of the ancient Lycian Civilization. Another off the beaten track hotspot of Turkey. Spectacular location, extensive and very impressive burials, temples, agora, and the odeon, monumental plane trees and the Western Taurus Mountains create a very dramatic scenery.

Olympos Ancient City & The Beach

The ancient city of Olympos has everything to offer to those who like to avoid big crowds and commercialism. It is at the foothills of Lycian Mtn. Olympos, with a 2 km beach, sea turtles laying eggs, eternal flames of fire-breathing monster, national park status, a biodiversity hotspot. 


Knidos is at the southwestern tip of Turkey, one of the most visited ports and important cities of ancient times. This extensive and impressive site has 2 harbors that allow you access here on a gulet and anchor for the night. You can hike, snorkel over submerged ruins, visit the site and have a sip of wine of the Temple Of Aphrodite.


Cappadocia is now known as a unique destination for it's geology and history. However, this popular spot may offer a lot more than you can imagine. Hiking, hot-air ballooning, cooking and culinary experiences, hands-on local crafts, underground dwellings, wine tasting, tracing the footsteps of Christianity, cave hotels & restaurants, folk-dancing, belly dancing, etc. Make sure you have enough time.


One of the best kept secrets of Western Turkey. Only 300 meters from the highway, this spectacular 2nd BC temple, one of the best preserved in the world, pops up from the olive groves.

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